Hi! I'm Zach!

I'm a 24-year-old, Data Scientist & MSc Advanced Analytics (Statistics) student at the University of Cape Town. I'm passionate about statistics, math, science, engineering, art & culture. 

I enjoy an active lifestyle, occasionally write poetry, philosophy & create art.

My enthusiasm for data science (and technology in general) stems from its transferability - the ability to apply these skills anywhere we see fit. These are the tools by which we can most prudently attempt to improve the world.

I am yet to declare a thesis topic however I am greatly interested in algorithms that exhibit creative behaviour. The form does not concern me (generative networks, emergent metaheuristics, RL agents) but rather I take an interest in finding novel solutions to arbitrarily difficult problems.

I love working on hard problems with motivated teams.

Connect with me if my work is of interest to you :)


T: 084 496 8779

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