Academics & Awards

Here's some information about the qualifications I currently hold.

Bcom (Honours) Statistics

Completed in 2019

Published my honours thesis at FAIR



  • Regression Analysis                          Pass with Distinction                   

  • Microeconomics                                Pass with Distinction

  • Sampling Techniques                        Pass with Distinction

  • Statistical Learning                            Pass with Distinction

  • Multivariate Techniques                   Pass with Distinction

  • Linear Mixed Models                        Pass with Distinction

  • Thesis: Autoencoding                       Pass with Distinction

       variational Bayes for

       topic models

       (see 'research' page)

In The News


- Golden Key Honours Society

- Academic Award Recipient

- Allan Gray Academic Award Recipient

MSc Advanced Analytics

2020: Modules

2021: Thesis



  • Multivariate Statistics

  • Advanced Regression

  • Simulation & Optimization

  • Evolutionary Computation

  • Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

Thesis (potential topics):

  • Music & Art Generation

  • Computational High Energy Physics

  • Autonomous Vehicles Perception

  • Autonomous Vehicles Navigation

Bcom Investment Management

Completed in 2018

Majors: (all passed with distinction)

  • Investment Management             Pass with Distinction     

  • Financial Science                            Pass with Distinction

  • Accounting                                      Pass with Distinction

  • Economics                                       Pass with Distinction

  • Statistics                                          Pass with Distinction

  • Data Science                                   Pass with Distinction

CFA Level 1

Completed in 2018

  • Passed on the first attempt

  • My score was above 90% of candidates worldwide

  • Completed during my 3rd year at University

Curriculum Vitae


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