Smarter Than Covid

In an attempt to contribute during the Covid19 crisis we built a dashboard that allowed users to investigate the magnitude of the crisis by rendering graphics & statistical summaries that we believe helped people understand the situation.


Although focusing on a purely South African context, we soon felt the returns to be unworthy of our efforts - such much great data science was done in the space it was very unlikely we would be able to make a contribution.

We subsequently wrote up two articles summarizing our work:

Our dashboard & statistical work


Social media analysis to gauge the mental response of the nation


Quanta Labs was a brief project I was apart of where we modeled stochastic financial data fluctuations with Twitter Sentiment.

Though unsuccessful we were able to show strong correlations between sentiment and financial performance in certain JSE equities.

Redbull Basement University 

RedBull University Basement Challenge Entrants.

We were not selected to continue to the next round & thus did not receive funding to continue with the project.


I started a company called Bid4Books in January 2018, designed to solve the problem of unaffordable textbooks. The site allowed users to buy/sell secondhand textbooks. I grew the site rapidly and expanded the team, we reached 10'000 site visits within a few weeks, however, ended up shutting down the platform as I made the mistake of trying to outsource further product development.

Although we only ran for a few months, this gave me a great experience of taking a product to market. We became increasingly creative, our marketing strategies included: getting the university to post our material to all students as a social good effort; spray painting the logo (3x3 meter) on the campus expression wall; putting up comical signs in bars/clubs/ cafe's (one of which reading "secondhand books=more beer"; got featured on 2 news platforms; giving away 37 books as promotional material (which we paid R400 for).

Although the product failed, I reason that many desirable traits where exhibited. Teamwork, go-to-market, basic product development skills etc. It was a great experience.


CheeseCake is a mobile app designed to serve as a social media platform for health enthusiasts: focused on foodies and fitness fanatics. The app would allow users to post/share/collect & organize dietary and fitness regions: initially targeted towards fitness professionals. 

A team of 3 with no software engineering background, we began building in December 2018 and after repeatedly failing to ship the product we decided to take an indefinite break - stopping the project.

Although we failed by any measure, again this served as a phenomenal learning experience. Providing me with an understanding of data structures, mobile app development, Flutter/Dart programming language, firebase, and many other software product development nuances.


Intelligent Tutors

Intelligent Tutors was a product I contemplated and thus I decided to exercise an MVP (excuse the cliché). The product was 

going to be a market place for math tutors to set

their own rates and negate unjustly splitting all their 

fees with agencies. To test the hypothesis we (a few

close friends) set up a beta group and began

marketing on campus.

We decided not to go ahead with the build as we

later found out a similar service exists.

Product description available at:


T: 084 496 8779

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