Work Experience

I gain experience wherever I can, learning from whoever I can. 

Statistical/Machine Learning Consultancy

January 2019 - present​

I began doing statistical/machine learning consultancy in Jan 2019. The current high demand for data-science skills has allowed me to develop my professional proficiency by taking on industry work. I have done consulting in both academia and industry.

Notable projects:


      - Designing a text analysis system for a financial derivatives broker (incomplete)

      - Predict the likelihood of a construction contract being secured


      - Measuring the perceived vs actual change in carbon emissions across different countries, and thereafter              measuring its relationship with economic performance (Department of Economics)

      - Measuring the difference in health in the elderly across different genders and ethnicities

           (Department of Health Sciences)

Public Presentations

July 2017 - present​

I love technology & discussing ambitious ideas, a natural progression of these interests has lead me to public speaking. My talks have been primarily addressed non-technical people, providing an overview of the intuition behind exciting innovations.


28 March 2018

I present a talk titled "Blockchain in Finance" at SAICA, focusing on possible applications of Blockchain tech for financial managers/accountants.

University of Pretoria

13 April 2018

An Economics 300 class had a major assignment concerning the validity of BTC adoption in a financial system, I was asked to present an overview of the technical constituents to the students.

Private Taxation Group

03 October 2017

A private group of taxation specialists booked a presentation - as a part of their CPD points - about BTC mechanics.


January 2016 - present

I have participated in multiple internships over the last few years. I find them to be great work experience, but the main benefit is undoubtedly interacting with other talented students.



I have been selected out of 24 successful candidates to participate in NB quant school - which will take place during the 2019 summer recess. The program is designed to challenge students - placed in random groups -  to develop, implement & pitch novel quantitative finance solutions.



Selected for a general-purpose internship to give students exposure to corporate business functions. 

Standard Bank


Selected for SB summer school, an internship to develop problem-solving in a banking context.

Leveraging my newfound connections at the bank, I returned a few months later to intern at the "Automation & Robotics" center at the bank - where we worked on implementing a facial detection algorithm to be installed in ATMs and automating online banking data preprocessing.

Storm Trading


I briefly interned at a trading house, initially, I took the position to explore the quantitative finance decision. Although this was almost non-existent at the firm, it still proved to be a great learning experience


July 2016 - present

My passion for learning coupled with a strong desire to help others has led me to tutor. I have been private tutoring university students since 2016, subjects including Stats 1 2 3, Finance/Investment 2 3, Economics 1 2 3.


In 2019 a briefly worked as a TA (teaching assistants) at the university.  


T: 084 496 8779

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